Biography/Artist Statement

Surrounded by art from an early age Sarah started her painting
career at 16. She went on to study Fine Arts at Sydney University.

At age 19 Sarah she became enamoured by the burgeoning Sydney
house music scene and chose DJing as her full-time profession,
leaving University behind. She DJed throughout Australia until her
relocation to Ibiza in 2001.

Since 2001 Sarah was the resident DJ at the revered Pacha nightclub
and toured globally for the Pacha brand.

Just prior to lockdown in 2020, Sarah returned to her primary creative
passion and a bold new style emerged.
Her works are bright and colourful depictions of whimsical
characters inspired by her diverse life experiences.

She is a multidisciplinary artist using both physical and digital mediums. She paints on canvas, paints murals, creates NFT’s and produces electronic music.

She has held 6 successful exhibitions in Ibiza and Barcelona and has
more lined up for 2022. You can find her paintings currently on display at
The Standard Hotel in Ibiza.

Sarah recently entered the exciting world of NFT's selling out her
primary collection in under an hour. She was featured in the
'Future Art' exhibition at Ibiza's IMS and her work is on display at
the first physical NFT gallery in Cannes, La Meta Factory.

2022 will see Sarah undertake a series of live performances, DJing
and painting concurrently, allowing 'art to create the art' which
will be streamed in the Metaverse. The artwork will then become
an NFT.

Artist Statement

My current work is a visual diary of my search for sense in a

nonsensical world.

While painting I contemplate themes related to humanity such as

extinction, self-terminating behaviour and human conditioning.

Although I reflect on sombre subjects, my work is imbued with

optimism. It’s intended to be a celebration of what life is and what it

can become.

It’s primarily driven by motherhood and the desire to protect life. I

use the act of painting to allow my mind to explore ways in which we

can affect positive change on a personal, community and global


My subject matter is a collection of whimsical characters with many

of them looking towards a reference point. This point is symbolic of

my darkest hour. When I refer to this point in relation to my life in

the present moment my experience of beauty is accentuated. It’s

this experience that I believe is the saving grace that can serve us all.


The basis of my work is a continuous line that represents the

thread of our interconnectedness. As we cannot affect one thing

without affecting another, all our actions must be considered and then

many reformed. I communicate the urgency for change and

transformation by the use of a vibrant colour palette. I apply the colour

intuitively until it reaches the ideal symbiosis to reflect the perfection

and beauty I see in the world around us.